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Action Plan 2015-2020 Kyushu University Platform of Inter/Transdisciplinary Energy Research (Q-PIT) Nihonium (element 113)
Since its establishment in 1911 as the 4th Imperial University following University of Tokyo, Kyoto University and Tohoku University, Kyushu University has grown into a prestigious international institution which is comprised of 12 undergraduate schools, 18 graduate schools, 16 faculties, 5 research institutions, and a university hospital. On our 100th anniversary in 2011, Kyushu University raised the slogan “Breakthrough Top 100 University” to leap into the top hundred universities in the world in all fields. We formulated the Kyushu University Action Plan 2015-2020, which will serve to guide us to continue and further the accomplishments of Kyushu University in the coming years."Click here for more information."

Action Plan 2015-2020 
 Key Points
   I Conducting research at the highest global standard and encouraging innovation
   II Fostering global talent
   III Contributing to the local and international communities through advanced medical care
   IV Developing an enhanced campus that students, staff, and faculty members can be proud of
   V Organizational reform
   VI A university that develops in tandem with society
 Key initiatives
   ●Encouraging innovation through the establishment of Research and Education Institute (Kyushu University Platform of Inter/Transdisciplinary Energy Research (Q-PIT); established in October 2016.)
   ●Fostering global talent through the establishment of a new undergraduate school (School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation; open in April 2018)
   ●Further revitalization of Kyushu University through reorganizing and strengthening the functions of various fields of study, especially in the social sciences and humanities

Recent significant news of research outcomes is that Prof. Kosuke Morita, Faculty of Science, and his research group have named the element 113, Nihonium (Nh). This is the first case in which scientists from an Asian country named the chemical element. In this portal site, where data is based mainly on Scopus data, profiles for about 2,500 researchers are hosted. Please explore our outstanding expertise at Kyushu University.

Collaborations and top research areas from the last five years

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