Translated title of the contribution: A System for Searching MyMaps by Complementing Additional Information of POIs

荒川 豊, 金平 卓也, 安本 慶一

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


In Google Maps and Open Street Map (OSM), a function which allows users to create own map including necessary Point of Interests (POIs) is provided. This function is called My Maps in Google Maps and uMap in OSM. A variety of maps have been created so far including maps that gather niche information. However, it is difficult to search My Maps that meets the purpose using keywords because these maps often do not contain sufficient information. In this paper, to improve the accuracy and intuitiveness in searching My Maps, we propose a novel system for searching MyMaps where a category ratio is used as a feature of MyMaps. To realize the system, we propose methods to complement the insufficient information composed of 1) identifying a probable POI in POI database with incomplete POI information and 2) estimating a category name of POI from POI name. We collected 46,996 POIs included in 5,526 public MyMaps for evaluation. As a result, we achieved 58.82% accuracy in POI identification and 70.3% accuracy in POI category estimation. We also implemented the prototype system for evaluating the convenience of the search by ten subjects. The result shows our proposed system can retrieve MyMaps including desired POI sets by using a category ratio as a feature.
Translated title of the contributionA System for Searching MyMaps by Complementing Additional Information of POIs
Original languageJapanese
Pages (from-to)538-548
Number of pages11
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Feb 15 2019

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