Allozyme differentiation among populations of Pinus sylvestris (L.) from Sweden and China


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Allozyme differentiation at 14 loci was studied among 7 populations of Pinus sylvestris rapresenting one geographic vaniety lapponica from Sweden and two vaneties. mongolica and sylvestriformis from China. The expected and observed heterozygosities were high and ranged between 0.165 and 0.282. and between 0.164 and 0.278 respectively, With the exception of the var sylvestriformis, the patterns of genetic variation among populations were in accordance with the patterns of their geographic distribution. Nei's genetic diversity statistics showed that 7.5 % of the total diversity was due to differences among varieties. Pronounced differences were found between the var sylvestriformis population and the populations representing the other two varieties. On the other hand, less differentiation was found between the geographically very distant var. lapponica and var. mongolica. It appears that as a result of past events the patterns of differentiation among populations ofP. sylveslris are more complex than previously thought, It is possible that the individual geographic vanietes of this species have a different evolutionary history.

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Publication statusPublished - Aug 1991

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