Anatomical features of periprostatic tissue and its surroundings: A histological analysis of 79 radical retropubic prostatectomy specimens

Keijiro Kiyoshima, Akira Yokomizo, Takeshi Yoshida, Kentaro Tomita, Hirotoshi Yonemasu, Motonobu Nakamura, Yoshinao Oda, Seiji Naito, Yoshihiro Hasegawa

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Background: A proper understanding of prostatic and periprostatic anatomy is essential for surgical procedures and pathological diagnosis; however, the detailed features have not been commonly investigated and completely understood. Methods: Seventy-nine non-nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy specimens were microscopically investigated for Denonvilliers' fascia, lateral pelvic fascia, prostatic capsule, anterior fibromuscular stroma and the neurovascular bundle. Results: At the lateral aspect, the lateral pelvic fascia and the prostatic capsule were separated by adipose tissue in 41 cases (52%), whereas they adhered in 38 cases (48%). In only 41 cases (52%), the neurovascular bundle existed locally at the postero-lateral region with definite 'bundle' formations. Denonvilliers' fascia and the prostatic capsule adhered tightly at the center of the posterior aspect in 77 cases (97%). A smooth transition from the prostatic capsule to the anterior fibromuscular stroma was observed in all cases. In 70 cases (89%), no prostatic capsule was independently recognized at the anterior aspect. In the remaining 9 cases (11%), the capsule was recognizable as distinct from the anterior fibromuscular stroma. In 67 cases (85%), the lateral pelvic fascia connected and fused with the anterior fibromuscular stroma, and covered the outermost regions of the lateral and anterior surfaces. Conclusions: All the periprostatic structures are closely related and influence each other. The results support the rationale of anatomical radical prostatectomy, and should be taken into consideration for surgical procedures and pathological diagnosis.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)463-468
Number of pages6
JournalJapanese journal of clinical oncology
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - Aug 1 2004


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