Binding of 14-3-3β but not 14-3-3σ controls the cytoplasmic localization of CDC25B: Binding site preferences of 14-3-3 subtypes and the subcellular localization of CDC25B

Sanae Uchida, Akiko Kuma, Motoaki Ohtsubo, Mari Shimura, Masato Hirata, Hitoshi Nakagama, Tsukasa Matsunaga, Yukihito Ishizaka, Katsumi Yamashita

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The dual specificity phosphatase CDC25B positively controls the G2-M transition by activating CDK1/cyclin B. The binding of 14-3-3 to CDC25B has been shown to regulate the subcellular redistribution of CDC25B from the nucleus to the cytoplasm and may be correlated with the G2 checkpoint. We used a FLAG-tagged version of CDC25B to study the differences among the binding sites for the 14-3-3 subtypes, 14-3-3β, 14-3-3ε and 14-3-3σ, and the relationship between subtype binding and the subcellular localization of CDC25B. All three subtypes were found to bind to CDC25B. Site-directed mutagenesis studies revealed that 14-3-3β bound exclusively near serine-309 of CDC25B1, which is within a potential consensus motif for 14-3-3 binding. By contrast, 14-3-3σ bound preferentially to a site around serine-216, and the presence of serine-137 and -309 enhanced the binding. In addition to these binding-site differences, we found that the binding of 14-3-3β drove CDC25B to the cytoplasm and that mutation of serine-309 to alanine completely abolished the cytoplasmic localization of CDC25B. However, co-expression of 14-3-3σ and CDC25B did not affect the subeellular localization of CDC25B. Furthermore, serine-309 of CDC25B was sufficient to produce its cytoplasmic distribution with co-expression of 14-3-3β, even when other putative 14-3-3 binding sites were mutated. 14-3-3ε resembled 14-3-3β with regard to its binding to CDC25B and the control of CDC25B subcellujar localization. The results of the present study indicite that two 14-3-3 subtypes can control the subcellular localization of CDC25B by binding to a specific site and that 14-3-3σ has effects on CDC25B other than the control of its subcellular localization.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)3011-3020
Number of pages10
JournalJournal of Cell Science
Issue number14
Publication statusPublished - Jun 15 2004


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