Coinfection of Spodoptera exigua and Spodoptera frugiperda cell lines with the nuclear polyhedrosis viruses of Autographa californica and Spodoptera exigua

Tohru Yanase, Chisa Yasunaga-Aoki, Toshio Hara, Takeshi Kawarabata

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The Autographa californica multinucleocapsid nuclear polyhedrosis virus (AcMNPV) has a broad host range among Lepidoptera. In contrast, the Spodoptera exigua MNPV (SeMNPV) can replicate efficiently only in S. exigua larvae or S. exigua-derived cell lines. In this study, we examined the coinfection of S. exigua Se301 and Spodoptera frugiperda IPLB-SF21AEII (Sf21) cell lines with SeMNPV and AcMNPV recombinant (Ac360-501β-gal) which was constructed for expression of β-galactosidase under control of the polyhedrin promoter. Coinfection led to the restriction as the level of late gene expression, nonoccluded virus production, and DNA replication of Ac360-501β-gal in both Se301 and Sf21 cell lines. In contrast, Ac360-501β-gal supported the SeMNPV replication in Sf21 cells. Occurrence of recombinants, between Ac360-501β-gal and SeMNPV, with expanded host range was not observed in coinfected Sf21 cells. This suggests that Ac360-501β-gal supports the SeMNPV replication through trans-activation.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)244-252
Number of pages9
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 1998


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