Decomposition of CH2FCF3 (134a) over metal phosphate catalysts

Yusaku Takita, Toshiko Tanabe, Masami Ito, Masaru Ogura, Toshio Muraya, Sachio Yasuda, Hiroyasu Nishiguchi, Tatsumi Ishihara

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The decomposition of CH2FCF3 over some phosphate catalysts was studied. CH2FCF3 began to react at 250, 300, and 450 °C over Zr3(PO4)4, AlPO4, and BPO4, respectively, and the conversion reached 100% at 475, 500, and 700 °C, respectively. The primary reaction over Zr3(PO4)4 was estimated to be CH2FCF3 + H2O + 1/2O2 → 2CO + 4HF, whereas the reactions over AlPO4 and BPO4 were CH2FCF3 + H2O + O2 → CO + CO2 + 4HF and CO + 1/2O2 → CO2. Complete decomposition requires both hydrolysis and oxidation. The oxidation activities of these phosphate catalysts are not high enough to accomplish complete decomposition. However, AlPO4-based catalysts can be combined with each Co3O4, Mn2O3, CuO, and Cr2O3 at a phosphate content of 1/10 by volume to make them sustainable at 550-550 °C. The addition of Ce to AlPO4 brought about a promotion effect in CH2FCF3 decomposition similar to that for CCl2F2 decomposition. This might suggest a similarity in the reaction mechanism. The primary reaction in the absence of oxygen was estimated to be CH2FCF3 + H2O → CO + C + 4HF.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2585-2590
Number of pages6
JournalIndustrial and Engineering Chemistry Research
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - May 29 2002
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Takita, Y., Tanabe, T., Ito, M., Ogura, M., Muraya, T., Yasuda, S., ... Ishihara, T. (2002). Decomposition of CH2FCF3 (134a) over metal phosphate catalysts. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 41(11), 2585-2590.