Demonstration of photon-photon resonance peak enhancement by waveguide configuration modification on active multimode interferometer laser diode

Takuya Kitano, Mohammad Nasir Uddin, Bingzhou Hong, Akio Tajima, Haisong Jiang, Kiichi Hamamoto

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle


The recent rapid growth of data traffic is leading to high-speed communication for local areas, such as the fiber-to-the-home service. A semiconductor laser is used for such a purpose; however, there is the difficulty that an even higher frequency response occurs in only carrierphoton resonance. For this reason, it is effective to use a second resonance, such as a photon-photon resonance (PPR), for enhancing the frequency response, and the active multimode interferometer laser diode (active-MMI LD) is one of the candidates for achieving a high PPR frequency. In order to obtain an even higher PPR frequency, we have investigated the control scheme of enhancing PPR. In this work, we compared two types of active-MMI waveguide structures to confirm the scheme. As a result, a 3.8GHz enhancement of the PPR peak, resulting in a 3 dB lower frequency response of 17 GHz, has been successfully achieved by waveguide geometry modification.

Original languageEnglish
Article number08RD04
JournalJapanese Journal of Applied Physics
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - Aug 2016


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  • Engineering(all)
  • Physics and Astronomy(all)

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