Description of a new genus and six new species of Tachinidae (Diptera) from asia and New Guinea

Hiroshi Shima, Ho Yon Han, Takuji Tachi

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Pseudebenia Shima, Han & Tachi, gen. nov., is described for six new species, P. argyrosoma Shima & Tachi, sp. nov. and P. fulvipalpis Shima & Tachi, sp. nov. from Papua New Guinea, P. epilachnae Shima & Han, sp. nov. from South Korea, P. fuscata Shima & Tachi, sp. nov. from Malaysia, P. nepalensis Shima & Tachi, sp. nov. from Nepal and P. trisetosa Shima & Tachi, sp. nov. from China. Pseudebenia epilachnae is a larval parasitoid of the phytophagous ladybird beetle Epilachna quadricollis (Dieke). A key to the species of Pseudebenia is given and features of the new species are illustrated. The genus belongs to the subfamily Tachininae and is tentatively placed in the tribe Macquartiini.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)49-67
Number of pages19
Issue number2516
Publication statusPublished - Jun 23 2010


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