Echinoderid mud dragons (Cyclorhagida: Kinorhyncha) from Senghor Seamount (NE Atlantic Ocean) including general discussion of faunistic characters and distribution patterns of seamount kinorhynchs

Hiroshi Yamasaki, Birger Neuhaus, Kai Horst George

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Investigation of Kinorhyncha from Senghor Seamount (tropical northeastern Atlantic Ocean) and the adjacent deep-sea floor revealed seven species of Echinoderes. Of these, Echinoderes kaempfae sp. nov. and Echinoderes schwieringae sp. nov. are described as new species. Echinoderes multiporus originally found on Eratosthenes Seamount, Mediterranean Sea, and Echinoderes cf. adrianovi originally found off Florida, northwestern Atlantic Ocean, were also recovered. In addition, three additional species, which possibly represent undescribed species, occurred on Senghor Seamount. Because of the low number of available specimens or necessity of further observations of closely related congeners for these three undescribed species, we provide only a brief description of them without naming them as new species. The comparison of each species with morphologically similar congeners is also provided. Based on all records of kinorhynchs from seamounts and the adjacent deep-sea floor in the Northeastern Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, and Arctic Sea, it is suggested that (1) the kinorhynch fauna on seamounts is partly unique, (2) seamount kinorhynchs originate both from shallow waters and the deep sea, and (3) a few kinorhynch species diversified on seamounts.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)64-87
Number of pages24
JournalZoologischer Anzeiger
Publication statusPublished - Sep 2019
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