Effect of n-type doping level on direct band gap electroluminescence intensity for asymmetric metal/Ge/metal diodes

T. Maekura, K. Tanaka, C. Motoyama, R. Yoneda, K. Yamamoto, H. Nakashima, D. Wang

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The direct band gap electroluminescence (EL) intensity was investigated for asymmetric metal/Ge/metal diodes fabricated on n-type Ge with doping levels in the range of 4.0 × 1013-3.1 × 1018 cm-3. Up to a doping level of 1016 cm-3 order, commercially available (100) n-Ge substrates were used. To obtain a doping level higher than 1017 cm-3 order, which is commercially unavailable, n+-Ge/p-Ge structures were fabricated by Sb doping on p-type (100) Ge substrates with an in-diffusion at 600 °C followed by a push-diffusion at 700 °C-850 °C. The EL intensity was increased with increasing doping level up to 1.0 × 1018 cm-3. After that, it was decreased with a further increase in n-type doping level. This EL intensity decrease is explained by the decreased number of holes in the active region. One reason is the difficulty in hole injection through the PtGe/n-Ge contact due to the occurring of tunneling electron current. Another reason is the loss of holes caused by both the small thickness of n+-Ge layer and the existence of n+p junction.

Original languageEnglish
Article number104001
JournalSemiconductor Science and Technology
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - Aug 30 2017


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