Improvements on a design of girdle by using cardiac output and pressure sensation.

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To improve the design of the girdle which was a type of compression clothing, two kinds of experiments were carried out. At first, the degree of blood disturbance from wearing the girdles was evaluated by the cardiac output (Q). Q was significantly decreased with normal and small sized girdle was not significant. The practical clothing pressure was the positions with small sized girdle was not significant. The practical clothing pressure was the highest at the groin. Therefore, the relationship between the pressure applied to the groin by the cuff and Q was investigated. Q decreased linearly with an increase in pressure. The estimated minimum pressure required in maintaining the blood circulation was 14.1 mmH. To restrain the clothing pressure below that value, the form and material of the form and material of the bandage attached to the groin were designed and then 4 types of trial models were made. The designed bandage, as compared with that of ready-made, has a large form of stretchable material and its length in contact with the groin line was long. Q did not decrease by wearing one of them at supine position and at supine position after the sitting position. Furthermore, subjective discomfort also decreased.

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JournalThe Annals of physiological anthropology = Seiri Jinruigaku Kenkyūkai kaishi
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