Integrative medicine and psychosomatic medicine

Chiharu Kubo

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Integrative medicine is integrated Occidental medicine with complementary and alternative medicine. Psychosomatic medicine is a holistic medicine which is applied from the psychosomatic standpoint. Psychosomatic treatment in Japan includes Counselling, Autogenic training, Hypnosis, Behavioral therapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy, Transactional analysis therapy, Biofeedbac therapy, Naikan therapy, Fasting therapy, Morita therapy, Yoga therapy, Qi-gong. Complementary and alternative medicine in Unite States are consisted of 5 categories such as Alternative Medical Systems, Mind-Body Interventions, Biological-Based Therapies, Manipulative and Body-Based Method and Energy Therapies. Psychosomatic treatment is one of complementary and alternative medicine as Mind and Body Medicine in United States.

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Publication statusPublished - Nov 2007
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