Isomerization of an axial ligand coordinated to hydrophobic vitamin B12 as effected by cyanide ion and microenvironment

Teruhisa Ohno, Akihiro Ogawa, Yoshio Hisaeda, Yukito Murakami

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The cyanide ion enhanced a carbon-skeleton rearrangement of the 2,3-bis(ethoxycarbonyl)-1-butene moiety bound to hydrophobic vitamin B12 derivatives in single-compartment bilayer vesicles under photolysis conditions via formation of the anionic substrate intermediate.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)9589-9592
Number of pages4
JournalTetrahedron Letters
Issue number51
Publication statusPublished - Dec 19 1994


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  • Biochemistry
  • Drug Discovery
  • Organic Chemistry

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