Linkage relationships of allozyme loci in Pinus sylvestris


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Linkage relationships among 27 allozyme loci in Pinus sylvestris (Scots pine) were analyzed. A total of 266 of the 351 possible two‐locus combinations were tested. Four linkage groups could be established. The first group (A) contained the following loci: Got‐2, Lap‐2, Adh‐2, Adh‐1, Pgi‐2. The loci Got‐1 and Dia‐4 probably also belong to this linkage group. The second linkage group (B) included two loci: Lap‐1 and F‐Est. Three loci (G6Pd‐l, Aco, and G6Pd‐2) were assigned to the third linkage group (C). The fourth group (D) included two loci: Got‐3 and Sdh‐2. It was not possible to determine the location of the other two‐locus combinations for which evidence of significant linkage was obtained. These results are compared to earlier linkage maps of Pinus sylvestris and other conifers.

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Publication statusPublished - Nov 1989

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