Measurement and analysis of the reaction γγ→3 π+3 π-

R. Pust, J. Olsson, J. Allison, K. Ambrus, R. J. Barlow, W. Bartel, S. Bethke, C. K. Bowdery, S. L. Cartwright, J. Chrin, D. Clarke, A. Dieckmann, I. P. Duerdoth, G. Eckerlin, E. Elsen, R. Felst, A. J. Finch, F. Foster, T. Greenshaw, J. HagemannD. Haidt, J. Heintze, G. Heinzelmann, K. H. Hellenbrand, P. Hill, G. Hughes, H. Kado, K. Kawagoe, C. Kleinwort, G. Knies, S. Komamiya, H. Krehbiel, J. v. Krogh, M. Kuhlen, F. K. Loebinger, A. A. Macbeth, N. Magnussen, R. Marshall, R. Meinke, R. P. Middleton, P. G. Murphy, B. Naroska, J. M. Nye, F. Ould-Saada, D. Pitzl, R. Ramcke, H. Rieseberg, A. Sato, D. Schmidt, L. Smolik, U. Schneekloth, J. A.J. Skard, J. Spitzer, P. Steffen, K. Stephens, T. Takeshita, A. Wagner, I. W. Walker, G. Weber, M. Zimmer, G. T. Zorn

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The reaction γγ→3 π+3 π- has been studied usig the JADE detector at PETRA. The topological cross section σ(γγ→3 π+3 π-) was measured in the CM energy range 1.5-5.5 GeV. The production of ρ0,s was observed and the average number of ρ0,s per event measured. The contributions of the subprocesses γγ→ρ02 π+2 π-, γγ→ρ0ρ0π+2 π- and γγ→ 3 π+3 π- (phase space) were studied and 95% C.L. upper limits for the cross section σ(γγ→ρ0ρ0π+π- determined. Finally the Bose-Einstein correlation for pairs of like signed pions was observed. A fit to a standard parametrization gave results consistent with other studies of this effect in pion systems.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)531-540
Number of pages10
JournalZeitschrift für Physik C Particles and Fields
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 1991
Externally publishedYes

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    Pust, R., Olsson, J., Allison, J., Ambrus, K., Barlow, R. J., Bartel, W., Bethke, S., Bowdery, C. K., Cartwright, S. L., Chrin, J., Clarke, D., Dieckmann, A., Duerdoth, I. P., Eckerlin, G., Elsen, E., Felst, R., Finch, A. J., Foster, F., Greenshaw, T., ... Zorn, G. T. (1991). Measurement and analysis of the reaction γγ→3 π+3 π-. Zeitschrift für Physik C Particles and Fields, 51(4), 531-540.