Mode selection on breakup of a droplet falling into a miscible solution

Michiko Shimokawa, Hidetusgu Sakaguchi

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When a droplet with a relatively high density falls into a miscible solution with a relatively low density, the droplet breaks up spontaneously. We investigated the number m of breakup in experiments with several density differences Δρ between two solutions, viscosities μ, and droplet radii r. The mode number m has a distribution even under the same experimental conditions. We propose a simple model of mode selection based on the linear Rayleigh-Taylor instability and the growing radius of a vortex ring deformed from the droplet. The model provides the probability distribution P(m) and a relationship between the nondimensional parameter GΔρgr3/μ2 and the average value of m, which are consistent with experimental results.

Original languageEnglish
Article number013603
JournalPhysical Review Fluids
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2019

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  • Computational Mechanics
  • Modelling and Simulation
  • Fluid Flow and Transfer Processes


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