Positron manipulation and positronium laser excitation in AEgIS

S. Mariazzi, R. Caravita, S. Aghion, C. Amsler, A. Ariga, T. Ariga, G. Bonomi, P. Bräunig, J. Bremer, R. S. Brusa, L. Cabaret, M. Caccia, F. Castelli, G. Cerchiari, K. Chlouba, S. Cialdi, D. Comparat, G. Consolati, A. Demetrio, L. Di NotoM. Doser, A. Dudarev, A. Ereditato, C. Evans, R. Ferragut, J. Fesel, A. Fontana, O. K. Forslund, S. Gerber, M. Giammarchi, A. Gligorova, S. Gninenko, F. Guatieri, S. Haider, H. Holmestad, T. Huse, I. L. Jernelv, E. Jordan, T. Kaltenbacher, A. Kellerbauer, M. Kimura, T. Koetting, D. Krasnicky, V. Lagomarsino, P. Lansonneur, P. Lebrun, S. Lehner, J. Liberadzka, C. Malbrunot, L. Marx, V. Matveev, Z. Mazzotta, G. Nebbia, P. Nedelec, M. Oberthaler, N. Pacifico, D. Pagano, L. Penasa, V. Petracek, C. Pistillo, F. Prelz, M. Prevedelli, L. Ravelli, L. Resch, B. Rienäcker, O. M. Røhne, S. Rosenberger, A. Rotondi, M. Sacerdoti, H. Sandaker, R. Santoro, P. Scampoli, F. Sorrentino, M. Spacek, J. Storey, I. M. Strojek, G. Testera, I. Tietje, S. Vamosi, E. Widmann, P. Yzombard, S. Zavatarelli, J. Zmeskal

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution


Production of antihydrogen by using the charge exchange reaction, as proposed by AEgIS (Antimatter Experiment: gravity, Interferometry, Spectroscopy), requires the formation of a dense cloud of positronium atoms excited to Rydberg states. In this work, the recent advances in AEgIS towards this result are described. Namely, the manipulation of positrons to produce bunches containing more than 108 particles and the laser excitation of positronium to Rydberg states, using n=3 as intermediate level, are presented.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationPositron Annihilation - ICPA-17
EditorsC.Q. He , Y.C. Wu , N. Qi , Z.Q. Chen
PublisherTrans Tech Publications Ltd
Number of pages6
Volume373 DDF
ISBN (Print)9783038356059
Publication statusPublished - 2016
Externally publishedYes
Event17th International Conference onPositron Annihilation, ICPA-17 - Wuhan, China
Duration: Sep 20 2016Sep 25 2016


Other17th International Conference onPositron Annihilation, ICPA-17

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  • Radiation
  • Materials Science(all)
  • Condensed Matter Physics

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