Pressure effects on a dimetallic ferrimagnet [Mn(en)]3[Cr(CN) 6]2·4H2O

Takuho Maeda, Masaki Mito, Hiroyuki Deguchi, Seishi Takagi, Wakako Kaneko, Masaaki Ohba, Hisashi Okawa

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We have investigated pressure effects on a dimetallic ferrimagnet [Mn(en)]3[Cr(CN)6]2·4H2O (en; ethylenediamine) through the magnetic measurements using a diamond anvil cell in the pressure region up to P = 4.7 GPa. This ferrimagnetic compound has an eminent high transition temperature (Tc) of 69 K at ambient pressure in the structurally characterized molecule-based magnet system. Under hydrostatic pressure, Tc linearly increases against pressure, and exceeds 130 K at P = 4.7 GPa. The amount of the saturated moment hardly changes in the considered pressure region. This pressure experiment might become a prototype of artificial material control for the high-Tc molecule-based magnet.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2497-2500
Number of pages4
Issue number16-17
Publication statusPublished - Nov 17 2005
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Maeda, T., Mito, M., Deguchi, H., Takagi, S., Kaneko, W., Ohba, M., & Okawa, H. (2005). Pressure effects on a dimetallic ferrimagnet [Mn(en)]3[Cr(CN) 6]2·4H2O. Polyhedron, 24(16-17), 2497-2500.