Production of twin λ-hypernuclei from ξ- hyperon capture at rest

A. Ichikawa, J. K. Ahn, H. Akikawa, S. Aoki, K. Arai, S. Y. Bahk, K. M. Baik, B. Bassalleck, J. H. Chung, M. S. Chung, K. Hoshino, M. Ieiri, K. Imai, Y. H. Iwata, Y. S. Iwata, H. Kanda, M. Kaneko, T. Kawai, C. O. Kim, J. Y. KimS. J. Kim, S. H. Kim, Y. Kondo, T. Kouketsu, Y. L. Lee, J. W.C. McNabb, M. Mitsuhara, Y. Nagase, C. Nagoshi, K. Nakazawa, H. Noumi, S. Ogawa, H. Okabe, K. Oyama, H. M. Park, I. G. Park, J. Parker, Y. S. Ra, J. T. Rhee, A. Rusek, H. Shibuya, K. S. Sim, P. K. Saha, D. Seki, M. Sekimoto, J. S. Song, H. Takahashi, T. Takahashi, F. Takeutchi, H. Tanaka, K. Tanida, J. Tojo, H. Torii, S. Torikai, N. Ushida, K. Yamamoto, N. Yasuda, J. T. Yang, C. J. Yoon, C. S. Yoon, M. Yosoi, T. Yoshida, L. Zhu

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A hybrid emulsion experiment was carried out to study double-strangeness nuclei produced via ξ- hyperon capture at rest with the expectation of ten times larger statistics than previous experiments. We have analyzed 5% of the total emulsion and found one "twin-hypernuclei" event involving the emission of two single-λ hypernuclei and a nuclear fragment from a ξ- hyperon stopping point. The event is interpreted as the decay of a ξ- + 14N atomic system to λ/5 He + λ/5 He + 4 He + neutron. The species of the ξ- -atom and the fragmentation products are uniquely identified for the first time for twin-hypernuclei events. Combined with the results from a past hybrid-emulsion experiment, one double-λ hypernucleus and three twin-hypernuclei events have been found from ξ- captures on light emulsion nuclei. The ratio of the detected rate of double-λ hypernuclei to that of twin-hypernuclei is compared with theoretical estimates.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)37-46
Number of pages10
JournalPhysics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics
Issue number1-2
Publication statusPublished - Feb 15 2001
Externally publishedYes

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics


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