Avadanakalpalata から avadanamala 類へ

Translated title of the contribution: Relationship of Avadanamalas to the <i>Avadanakalpalata</i>

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When were the avadanamalas, i. e. the <i>Kalpadrumavadanamala</i>, <i>Ratnavadanamala</i>, <i>Ratnavadanatattva</i>, <i>Asokavadanamala</i> and so on composed? For a solution to this problem I have attempted to confirm the relationship between chapters of avadanamalas and the <i>Avadanakalpalata</i> (A. D. 1052). I have searched through avadanamalas for verses borrowed from the <i>Avadanakalpalata</i>. A conclusion of this paper is the following. I call all chapters of the '<i>Bodhisattvavadanakalpalata</i>-affiliation' in many avadanamalas group B, and all chapters of the 'Avadanasataka-affiliation' in avadanamalas group A. Both groups A and B were composed in Nepal after 1052, which is to say, after the <i>Avadanakalpalata</i>. Group B was composed doubtlessly later than 1302, in which year the oldest Nepalese ms. of <i>Avadanakalpalata</i>, Cambridge Add. 1306, was written. The borrowing of verses from the <i>Avadanakalpalata</i> in group B coincides with the fact that ms. Add. 1306 lacks the first 40 chapters. Group A was composed probably between 1052 and 1302. The seven extra leaves 199*-205* of ms. Add. 1306 can be a proof that the scribe of the ms. knew the <i>Saddantavadana</i> of the <i>Kalpadrumavadanamala</i> (v. de Jong (1977), p. 32).
Translated title of the contributionRelationship of Avadanamalas to the <i>Avadanakalpalata</i>
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Publication statusPublished - 2005


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