Spectral fluctuation and heterogeneous distribution of porphine on a water surface

Yao Qun Li, Maxim N. Slyadnev, Takanori Inoue, Akira Harata, Teiichiro Ogawa

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    Using a confocal fluorescence microscope, we found a significant temporal fluctuation in the fluorescence spectrum of porphine molecules on the water surface. The spectra fluctuated when the accumulation time was 300 ms and the pH was within a certain range. No fluctuation was observed with a longer accumulation time (36 s) or on a solid surface. The present observation indicates that the distribution of porphine on the water surface is heterogeneous and that the Brownian motion of the surface species induces spectral fluctuation. A neutral form of porphine produces domains at a higher surface coverage.

    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)3035-3037
    Number of pages3
    Issue number9
    Publication statusPublished - Apr 27 1999

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    • Materials Science(all)
    • Condensed Matter Physics
    • Surfaces and Interfaces
    • Spectroscopy
    • Electrochemistry


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