The jpost environment: An integrated proteomics data repository and database

Yuki Moriya, Shin Kawano, Shujiro Okuda, Yu Watanabe, Masaki Matsumoto, Tomoyo Takami, Daiki Kobayashi, Yoshinori Yamanouchi, Norie Araki, Akiyasu C. Yoshizawa, Tsuyoshi Tabata, Mio Iwasaki, Naoyuki Sugiyama, Satoshi Tanaka, Susumu Goto, Yasushi Ishihama

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Rapid progress is being made in mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomics, yielding an increasing number of larger datasets with higher quality and higher throughput. To integrate proteomics datasets generated from various projects and institutions, we launched a project named jPOST (Japan ProteOme STandard Repository/Database, https:// in 2015. Its proteomics data repository, jPOSTrepo, began operations in 2016 and has accepted more than 10 TB of MS-based proteomics datasets in the past two years. In addition, we have developed a new proteomics database named jPOSTdb in which the published raw datasets in jPOSTrepo are reanalyzed using standardized protocol. jPOSTdb provides viewers showing the frequency of detected post-translational modifications, the co-occurrence of phosphorylation sites on a peptide and peptide sharing among proteoforms. jPOSTdb also provides basic statistical analysis tools to compare proteomics datasets.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)D1218-D1224
JournalNucleic acids research
Issue numberD1
Publication statusPublished - Jan 8 2019

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