Thermoelectric properties of single crystalline Ba8Al xSi46-x clathrate

Naoki Mugita, Yusuke Nakakohara, Teruaki Motooka, Ryo Teranishi, Shinji Munetoh

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    We have synthesized single- and poly-crystalline Ba8Al xSi46-x clathrates to compare their thermoelectric properties. Single-crystal sample was prepared by Czochralski(CZ) method in an argon atmosphere. Poly-crystal sample was prepared by arc melting and annealed at 850°C for l00h in an argon atmosphere. The Seebeck coefficients of single- and poly-crystalline Ba8Al12Si34 at 500°C were 44.5 μV/K and 53.0 μV/K, respectively. The Seebeck coefficients of both samples were almost the same because the Seebeck coefficient depends on carrier concentration, which is related to the aluminum content. The specific electric resistance of the single-crystal sample with 0.49 mΩcm was lower than that of the poly-crystal with 0.95 mΩcm due to the reduction of electron scattering. Therefore, the power factor of the single-crystal sample with 4.0×10-4V2/K 2Ωm was higher than that of the poly-crystal sample with 3.0×l0-4V2/K2Ωm at 500°C. It is suggested that single-crystallization is efficient for the thermoelectric property in the Ba8AlxSi46-x system.

    Original languageEnglish
    Article number142007
    JournalIOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering
    Issue numberSYMPOSIUM 9C
    Publication statusPublished - 2011
    Event3rd International Congress on Ceramics, ICC3 - Osaka, Japan
    Duration: Nov 14 2010Nov 18 2010

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