Discussant, "Overlapping Cosmologies and Cosmographies in Pre-modern Asia (1)"

Van Goethem, E. (Speaker)

活動: Oral presentation


Organizer: Bill M. Mak, Kyoto University
Bill M. Mak, Kyoto University: “Greek Astral Sciences in China”
Daniel P. Morgan, ERC Project SAW (CNRS-Université Paris Diderot): “A Sphere unto Itself: 
The Death and Medieval Framing of the History of Chinese Cosmology”
Eric Huntington, Princeton University: “Buddhist Cosmology in Bhutanese Murals:
 An Iconographic Negotiation Between Kālacakra and Abhidharma Cosmologies”
Yoichi Isahaya, University of Tokyo: “Entangled Representation of the Heaven: Dunhuang Fragment P. 4071
 in the Transition and Naturalization of the ‘Western’ Astral Science”
Period6 20 2015
Event titleThe Nineteenth Asian Studies Conference Japan (ASCJ)
Event type会議
LocationTokyo, 日本
Degree of RecognitionInternational