Discussant, "Overlapping Cosmologies and Cosmographies in Pre-modern Asia (2)"

Van Goethem, E. (Speaker)

活動: Oral presentation


Organizer: Cynthea J. Bogel, Kyushu University
Anna-Alexandra Fodde-Reguer, Saint Joseph’s University: “Divination Manuals of the Han Dynasty: A Case Study of the Yinwan Manuals as Early Chinese Technology”
Bryan Lowe, Vanderbilt University: “Composing the Cosmos in Ancient Japan: Post-Mortem Realms in Dedicatory Prayers”
Cynthea J. Bogel, Kyushu University: “Four Directions and Layered Cosmologies: An Eighth-Century Buddhist Monument in the New Capital”
Cindy Postma, Independent Scholar: “On the Cosmology and Cosmography of Pre-modern Japan, Through the Prism of an Eighteenth-century Shogunal Scholar”
期間6 20 2015
イベント タイトルThe Nineteenth Asian Studies Conference Japan (ASCJ): null
イベント タイプ会議
場所Tokyo, 日本