Rethinking Object and Performance in Japan and Beyond

  • Ashton Michael Lazarus (主催者)
  • Naoko Frances Hioki (参加者)
  • R. Keller Kimbrough (参加者)
  • Beng Choo Lim (参加者)
  • Ryoko Matsuba (参加者)
  • Hanna McGaughey (参加者)
  • Jeffrey Niedermaier (参加者)
  • Patrick Schwemmer (参加者)

活動: イベントの参加または計画ワークショップ、セミナー、コースに参加


This workshop was supported by a 2018-19 AY Challenge type 3, Progress 100 (Invitation program for top global researchers) Research Hub for the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Interdisciplinary Studies, Kyushu University Grant entitled, "The Many Shapes of Meaning: Object and Performance in Asia Across Time."
期間3月 2 2019
イベント タイプワークショップ
場所Fukuoka, 日本マップに表示