Rethinking Object and Performance in Japan and Beyond

Ashton Michael Lazarus (Organiser), Naoko Frances Hioki (Participant), R. Keller Kimbrough (Participant), Beng Choo Lim (Participant), Ryoko Matsuba (Participant), Hanna McGaughey (Participant), Jeffrey Niedermaier (Participant), Patrick Schwemmer (Participant)

活動: ワークショップ、セミナー、コースへの参加


This workshop was supported by a 2018-19 AY Challenge type 3, Progress 100 (Invitation program for top global researchers) Research Hub for the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Interdisciplinary Studies, Kyushu University Grant entitled, "The Many Shapes of Meaning: Object and Performance in Asia Across Time."
期間3 2 2019
イベント タイプワークショップ
場所Fukuoka, 日本