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Molecular dynamics Engineering & Materials Science
Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) Engineering & Materials Science
Density functional theory Engineering & Materials Science
molecular dynamics Physics & Astronomy
Anodes Engineering & Materials Science
Computational chemistry Engineering & Materials Science
Simulators Engineering & Materials Science
Catalysts Engineering & Materials Science

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研究成果 2000 2018

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Influence of inter-particle resistance between active materials on the discharge characteristics of the positive electrode of lithium ion batteries

Kikukawa, H., Honkura, K. & Koyama, M., 7 10 2018, : : Electrochimica Acta. 278, p. 385-395 11 p.

研究成果: ジャーナルへの寄稿記事

Composite materials
Physical properties
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Solid-Solution Alloy Nanoparticles of the Immiscible Iridium–Copper System with a Wide Composition Range for Enhanced Electrocatalytic Applications

Wang, F., Kusada, K., Wu, D., Yamamoto, T., Toriyama, T., Matsumura, S., Nanba, Y., Koyama, M. & Kitagawa, H., 4 16 2018, : : Angewandte Chemie - International Edition. 57, 17, p. 4505-4509 5 p.

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Solid solutions
Chemical analysis

Theoretical Approach to the Sulfidation of the BaTiO3(001) Surfaces and Its Effect on the H2 Oxidation Reaction and CH4 Sequential Dissociation

Rivera Rocabado, D. S., Ishimoto, T. & Koyama, M., 1 25 2018, : : Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 122, 3, p. 1437-1446 10 p.

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acceleration (physics)