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Josephson junctions Physics & Astronomy
Two dimensional electron gas Engineering & Materials Science
Vortex flow Engineering & Materials Science
vortices Physics & Astronomy
Aluminum Oxide Chemical Compounds
Critical currents Engineering & Materials Science
Drain current Engineering & Materials Science
SQUIDs Engineering & Materials Science

研究成果 1994 2014

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Critical currents
Point contacts
Superconducting materials
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Observation of neuronal death in vitro by SEM and optical microscopy

Kasai, N., Lu, R., Goto, T., Tanaka, A., Tsukada, S., Harada, Y. & Sumitomo, K., 4 19 2014, : : e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology. 12, p. 179-184 6 p.

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Electron Scanning Microscopy
Optical microscopy
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Edge channel transport in the InAs/GaSb topological insulating phase

Suzuki, K., Harada, Y., Onomitsu, K. & Muraki, K., 6 18 2013, : : Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics. 87, 23, 235311.

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Inelastic scattering
Electric potential
inelastic scattering