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研究成果 1999 2019

Breath Holding

Formation of nanoporous SiO2 films with super-low dielectric constant by F2 laser deposition

Miyano, R., Kikuchi, T., Imokawa, K., Nakamura, D. & Ikenoue, H., 1 1 2019, Synthesis and Photonics of Nanoscale Materials XVI. Kabashin, A. V., Geohegan, D. B. & Dubowski, J. J. (版). SPIE, 109070S. (Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering; 巻数 10907).

研究成果: 著書/レポートタイプへの貢献会議での発言

laser deposition
Dielectric Constant
Partial pressure

High-concentration, low-temperature, and low-cost excimer laser doping for 4h-sic power device fabrication

Imokawa, K., Kikuchi, T., Okamoto, K., Nakamura, D., Ikeda, A., Asano, T. & Ikenoue, H., 1 1 2019, Silicon Carbide and Related Materials, 2018. Gammon, P. M., Shah, V. A., McMahon, R. A., Jennings, M. R., Vavasour, O., Mawby, P. A. & Padfield, F. (版). Trans Tech Publications Ltd, p. 403-406 4 p. (Materials Science Forum; 巻数 963 MSF).

研究成果: 著書/レポートタイプへの貢献会議での発言

Excimer lasers
excimer lasers
Doping (additives)
1 引用 (Scopus)

Influence of Ni, Ti and NiTi alloy nanoparticles on hydrothermally grown ZnO nanowires for photoluminescence enhancement

Patra, N., Karuturi, S. K., Vasa, N. J., Nakamura, D., Higashihata, M., Singh, V. & Palani, I. A., 1 5 2019, : : Journal of Alloys and Compounds. 770, p. 1119-1129 11 p.

研究成果: ジャーナルへの寄稿記事

Metal nanoparticles

Lowerature and low-cost excimer laser doping for poly-Si thin-film transistor fabrication

Imokawa, K., Tanaka, N., Suwa, A., Nakamura, D., Sadoh, T., Goto, T. & Ikenoue, H., 1 1 2019, Laser-Based Micro- and Nanoprocessing XIII. Klotzbach, U., Watanabe, A. & Kling, R. (版). SPIE, 109060J. (Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering; 巻数 10906).

研究成果: 著書/レポートタイプへの貢献会議での発言

Thin-film Transistor
Excimer Laser
Excimer lasers
Thin film transistors