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Safety of antithrombotic therapy for patients with acute ischemic stroke harboring unruptured intracranial aneurysm

Shono, Y., Sugimori, H., Matsuo, R., Fukushima, Y., Wakisaka, Y., Kuroda, J., Ago, T., Kamouchi, M. & Kitazono, T., 10 1 2018, : : International Journal of Stroke. 13, 7, p. 734-742 9 p.

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Intracranial Aneurysm
Fibrinolytic Agents

Clinical characteristics of type A acute aortic dissection with CNS symptom

Shono, Y., Akahoshi, T., Mezuki, S., Momii, K., Kaku, N., Maki, J., Tokuda, K., Ago, T., Kitazono, T. & Maehara, Y., 12 2017, : : American Journal of Emergency Medicine. 35, 12, p. 1836-1838 3 p.

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Central Nervous System
Back Pain
Chest Pain
Blood Pressure
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Esophageal perforation due to blunt chest trauma: Difficult diagnosis because of coexisting severe disturbance of consciousness

Mezuki, S., Shono, Y., Akahoshi, T., Hisanaga, K., Saeki, H., Nakashima, Y., Momii, K., Maki, J., Tokuda, K. & Maehara, Y., 11 2017, : : American Journal of Emergency Medicine. 35, 11, p. 1790.e3-1790.e5

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Esophageal Perforation
Wounds and Injuries
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Thrombolytic Therapy
Tissue Plasminogen Activator
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Gene and protein analysis of brain derived neurotrophic factor expression in relation to neurological recovery induced by an enriched environment in a rat stroke model

Hirata, K., Kuge, Y., Yokota, C., Harada, A., Kokame, K., Inoue, H., Kawashima, H., Hanzawa, H., Shono, Y., Saji, H., Minematsu, K. & Tamaki, N., 5 20 2011, : : Neuroscience Letters. 495, 3, p. 210-215 6 p.

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Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor
Play and Playthings
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Gene expression associated with an enriched environment after transient focal ischemia

Shono, Y., Yokota, C., Kuge, Y., Kido, S., Harada, A., Kokame, K., Inoue, H., Hotta, M., Hirata, K., Saji, H., Tamaki, N. & Minematsu, K., 2 28 2011, : : Brain Research. 1376, p. 60-65 6 p.

研究成果: ジャーナルへの寄稿記事

Gene Expression
Middle Cerebral Artery Infarction
Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor
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Hyoid bone compression-induced repetitive occlusion and recanalization of the internal carotid artery in a patient with ipsilateral brain and retinal ischemia

Mori, M., Yamamoto, H., Koga, M., Okatsu, H., Shono, Y., Toyoda, K., Fukuda, K., Iihara, K., Yamada, N. & Minematsu, K., 2 1 2011, : : Archives of Neurology. 68, 2, p. 258-259 2 p.

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Hyoid Bone
Retinal Vessels
Functional Laterality
Spiral Computed Tomography
Magnetic Resonance Angiography
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Central apnoea associated with subcortical haemorrhage in the left temporal lobe

Nezu, T., Naganuma, M., shono, Y., Toyoda, K. & Minematsu, K., 3 1 2010, : : Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry. 81, 3, p. 299-301 3 p.

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Central Sleep Apnea
Temporal Lobe
Blood Gas Analysis
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Change in intracellular pH causes the toxic Ca2+ entry via NCX1 in neuron- and glia-derived cells

Shono, Y., Kamouchi, M., Kitazono, T., Kuroda, J., Nakamura, K., Hagiwara, N., Ooboshi, H., Ibayashi, S. & Iida, M., 4 1 2010, : : Cellular and molecular neurobiology. 30, 3, p. 453-460 8 p.

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Medial medullary infarction identified by diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging

Shono, Y., Koga, M., Toyoda, K., Matsuoka, H., Yokota, C., Uehara, T., Yamamoto, H. & Minematsu, K., 10 1 2010, : : Cerebrovascular Diseases. 30, 5, p. 519-524 6 p.

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Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Transient Ischemic Attack
National Institutes of Health (U.S.)
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Amiloride inhibits hydrogen peroxide-induced Ca2+ responses in human CNS pericytes

Nakamura, K., Kamouchi, M., Kitazono, T., Kuroda, J., Shono, Y., Hagiwara, N., Ago, T., Ooboshi, H., Ibayashi, S. & Iida, M., 5 1 2009, : : Microvascular Research. 77, 3, p. 327-334 8 p.

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Hydrogen Peroxide
Sodium-Hydrogen Antiporter
Acid Sensing Ion Channels
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Endoscopic features of intestinal follicular lymphoma: the value of double-balloon enteroscopy.

Nakamura, S., Matsumoto, T., Umeno, J., Yanai, S., Shono, Y., Suekane, H., Hirahashi, M., Yao, T. & Iida, M., 2 2007, : : Endoscopy. 39 Suppl 1, p. E26-27

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Gastrointestinal Endoscopes
Intestinal Polyps
Double-Balloon Enteroscopy
Intestinal Neoplasms
Follicular Lymphoma

Mechanisms of oxidative stress-induced calcium signaling in human CNS pericytes

Kamouchi, M., Kitazono, T., Kuroda, J., Nakamura, K., Shono, Y., Hagiwara, N., Ooboshi, H., Ibayashi, S. & Iida, M., 11 13 2007, : : Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism. 27, SUPPL. 1, p. BP39-02M

研究成果: ジャーナルへの寄稿記事

Calcium Signaling
Oxidative Stress
Central Nervous System
Hydrogen Peroxide