1A1-J04 多指ハンドを用いた関節角の位置制御に基づく誤差に頑健な物体把持(ロボットハンドの機構と把持戦略(1))

馬場 恒星, 辻 徳生, 河村 晃宏, 表 允晰, 田原 健二, 原田 研介, 長谷川 勉, 倉爪 亮

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This research aims to realize a service robot for grasping various objects in daily life. Therefore, this paper presents a grasping method based on joint angle control for a multi-fingered hand with soft fingertips. This method is robust to the fingertip position error and the object position/posture error. Since the soft fingertip deforms elastically when it contacts with an object, the force of the fingertip is estimated by its deformation amount. We calculate the fingertip positions which satisfy force/moment equilibrium. In addition, we develop an indicator of grasping based on the contact condition between each fingertip and the object. We demonstrate the performance of proposed method by simulations and experiments.
寄稿の翻訳タイトル1A1-J04 Robust Grasping Based on Joint Angle Control by a Multi-Fingered Hand(Robot Hand Mechanism and Grasping Strategy (1))
出版ステータス出版済み - 2013

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