A case of Coats' disease in a low-birth-weight infant

Keiko Maruoka, Masahiro Yamamoto, Hikaru Fujita, Yoshihisa Tahara, Tatsuro Ishibashi

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Purpose: To report a rare case of Coats' disease in a 3-month-old male infant. Method: Interventional case report. We examined a male infant, born at 33 weeks of gestation, who did not receive ventilation with oxygen after birth. Result: In this patient, the left fundus showed telangiectasia and tortuosity at 3 months of age. His right eye showed no abnormality in the fundus. A month later, in addition to the presence of abnormal vessels, microaneurysms and exudation also appeared. The patient was diagnosed to have Coats' disease and both the abnormal vessels and microaneurysms in the temporal fundus were treated by laser photocoagulation. Six months later, the left fundus showed a resolution of the abnormal vessels and exudation. Conclusion: Most instances of Coats' disease occurring in an infant tend to already be severely advanced when diagnosed. Early and appropriate treatment of patients with Coats' disease makes it possible to stabilize and thus improve the outcome.

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