A Coastal Aquifer Study Using Magnetotelluric and Gravity Methods in Abo Zenema, Egypt

Mohamed Abdelzaher, Jun Nishijima, Hakim Saibi, Gad El-Qady, Usama Massoud, Mamdouh Soliman, Abdellatif Younis, Sachio Ehara

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Magnetotelluric (MT) soundings and gravity methods were employed to study the deep freshwater aquifer in the area north of Abo Zenema city on the eastern side of the Gulf of Suez, Egypt. Seven MT sites and 48 gravity stations were surveyed along northeast-southwest profiles as close as possible to a line perpendicular to the coast of the Gulf of Suez. The MT survey was conducted using high and low frequencies to investigate shallow and deep areas, respectively. One-dimensional inversion was conducted using a heuristic inversion scheme of the Bostick algorithm. The MT data were also inverted with a 2-D smooth model inversion routine using the nonlinear conjugate gradient method to infer variation in vertical and lateral resistivity inside the Earth. A 100-Ohm-m homogeneous half-space initial model was used to invert the TE mode data only. Then, the inverted model obtained from the TE mode data was used as an initial model for inversion of the TM mode data. The inverted model thus obtained from the TM mode data inversion was used as an initial model for the inversion of the joint TE and TM responses. Two-dimensional (2-D) forward modeling of the gravity data was conducted using the 2-D polygon method of Talwani's algorithm for an arbitrarily shaped body and was based on the subsurface information from the MT survey and the available information about the geological structure of the study area. This method enabled us to obtain the basement structure of the coastal aquifer in the study area. The results from the analysis and the interpretation of MT and gravity data were used to detect and delineate the groundwater coastal aquifer in the study area.

ジャーナルPure and Applied Geophysics
出版ステータス出版済み - 9 2012

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