A method for analysis and solution of scalability bottleneck in DBMS

Takashi Horikawa, Akira Fukuda

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Many-core systems differ from traditional multi-processor systems in performance characteristics and sometimes behave in unfamiliar ways for us. This can lead us facing performance troubles from unknown causes, requiring long time to fix them. To address those situations it is important for us to accumulate technology and know-how on performance of multi-core systems through a plenty of case studies. This paper describes a case study on unusual phenomena of a many-core based system in executing DBT-1 transactions with MySQL; where system throughput was decreased with the increase of the number of cores, an appearance of a scalability bottleneck. The root-cause analysis based on several measurements of the system has succeeded to reveal that the problem was caused from an interaction between two bottlenecks at the different layers, hardware and software, which is hardly found in traditional systems. The bottleneck at the hardware layer has been alleviated by introducing a newly developed lock mechanism that the analysis results suggested. Although the problem may be particular to the system, we, however, believe that the method and process to identify the root cause are of wide use for various scalability bottlenecks.

ホスト出版物のタイトルProceedings of Symposium on Information and Communication Technology, SoICT2010
出版ステータス出版済み - 11月 22 2010
イベントSymposium on Information and Communication Technology, SoICT 2010 - Hanoi, ベトナム
継続期間: 8月 27 20108月 28 2010


名前ACM International Conference Proceeding Series


その他Symposium on Information and Communication Technology, SoICT 2010

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