A Study of Digital Media Art Utilizing 2D Animation

Kiyoshi Tomimatsu, Feng Zhipeng

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This study is about the combination of PM technology and traditional animation. PM technology is Projection Mapping technology. Is from a combination of two words, Projection and Mapping. By using PM technology, to create a more excellent experience of vision or other senses than the traditional animation. This work is about produced by using PM technology, projecting the animation film on different objects (such as glass, buildings, trees, etc.) by using PM technology, to represent the changes of seasons. Although the same content, when projected on different objects, the visual effects are also different. Though the different visual effects, the viewer can get different visual experiences. To complete the study, I made some tests under various conditions: the first step, I projected the animation film on a small cube. The second step, I made tests on different regions of Kyushu University campus. By analyzing of the results of the tests, to make the future works more systematic.
ジャーナルADADA international conference 2016 proceedings
出版ステータス出版済み - 11 2016

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