A unified loading parameter for creep-crack growth

W. X. Wang

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This paper presents a unified loading parameter JT for creep-crack growth. The parameter JT is a path-independent integral and is derived through an energy analysis based on an assumption that a small creep deformation dominant region exists around the crack tip. The relationship between JT and existing path-independent or path-dependent integrals for special creep-crack growth problems is examined. Existing path-independent or path-dependent integrals for special cases of short or long time are included in JT. The present path-independent integral JT is not limited to any specified constitutive relations except for a small region close to the crack tip, and then it is valid for general creep materials. Energy analysis shows that JT possesses a definite physical meaning and can be used as a loading parameter to characterize the crack growth in time-dependent materials, such as metal under various high-temperature environments and other rate-sensitive materials. In fact, the JT is a kind of J-type integral for creep materials and it also has an intimate relation with existing C(t) and C* integrals. An experimental procedure for evaluating JT as well as C* is discussed. Keywords: creep-crack growth; time-dependent fracture; unified loading parameter; path-independent integral; experimental method

ジャーナルProceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences
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