Ag acceleration using direct plasma injection method

Takeshi Kanesue, K. Ishibashi, Masahiro Okamura, Kazuhiko Sakakibara, Sergei Kondrashev

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We are investigating high current and high repetition rate ion production methods for various heavy ions which can be utilized for an injector of an FFAG accelerator. Direct Plasma Injection Scheme (DPIS) is one of the candidates of the ion production methods and to confirm the capability of the DPIS, we are now preparing for accelerating high intensity Ag15+ ions. The DPIS uses a combination of Laser Ion Source (LIS) and RFQ. The plasma goes into the linac directly without transport line and the ions are extracted at RFQ entrance. To determine the specifications of new RFQ electrodes, the plasma properties were measured. With the Nd-glass laser (3 J / 30 ns), we could not obtain high charge state ions. A new Nd-YAG laser (2.3 J / 6 ns) enabled us to observe many highly charged ions and the most produced ions were Ag15+. We completed the plasma distribution measurements. Based on these results, we designed the new RFQ, which will accommodate Q / M = 1 / 8 particles, supposing Ag15+.

出版ステータス出版済み - 1月 1 2006
イベント10th European Particle Accelerator Conference, EPAC 2006 - Edinburgh, 英国
継続期間: 6月 26 20066月 30 2006


その他10th European Particle Accelerator Conference, EPAC 2006

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