An analysis of the putter face control mechanism in golf putting

Tetsuo Shimizu, M. Tsuchida, K. Kawai, K. Takahashi, Kazuo Arakawa, M. Satoh

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The B-matrix method, which systematically analyses the dynamic response of non-symmetric rigid bodies, such as golf putters, is described. The three-dimensional translational and rotational accelerations of the putter face are represented by linear equations of input forces and moments represented in matrix form. The elements of the 6 × 6 B-matrix physically represent the acceleration intensity factors. This method is applied to the analysis of the putter face control mechanism. The input forces and moments are obtained by the inverse dynamics method, whilst special attention is paid to the putter face rotation, i.e. the angular acceleration around the axis of the shaft, ẇox. The contribution of input forces and moments on ẇox is discussed quantitatively. The results demonstrate that ẇox is present even if the input force and moment are applied perpendicularly to the shaft. A cancelling mechanism to correct this motion is discussed based on the B-matrix method.

ジャーナルSports Engineering
出版ステータス出版済み - 8 24 2009

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