An FDD and TDD coexistence scheme for imbalanced traffic compensation

Kuninori Osaki, Daisuke Minamihira, Hiroshi Furukawa, Yoshihiko Akaiwa

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This paper focuses on a transitional scenario such that FDD channels in existing system inducing large downlink traffic is successively replaced by TDD channels in order to cope with the increased downlink traffic. Since the existing FDD channels are replaced by TDD channels, no additional channels and no overall system update are required in this scenario. In other words, the proposed scenario is suitable to those who employ the current FDD based 3G standard, e.g. WCDMA and CDMA2000. Investment cost may be small because transition from FDD to TDD channels would be done by only minimum modification. Performance of the proposed adaptive duplex method is evaluated and compared with a system homogenously occupied by FDD.

ジャーナルIEEE Vehicular Technology Conference
出版ステータス出版済み - 10月 17 2005
イベント2005 IEEE 61st Vehicular Technology Conference -VTC 2005 - Spring Stockholm: Paving the Path for a Wireless Future - Stockholm, スウェーデン
継続期間: 5月 30 20056月 1 2005

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