An Overview of Metal Oxide Nanostructures

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The goal of this chapter is to provide an overview of metal oxide nanostructures. A comprehensive literature survey of nanometal oxides has been done and is presented here. Metal oxide nanostructures have attracted substantial research interest, mainly because of their unique characteristics at nano dimensions compared to those of bulk or single-particle species. Generally, the distinctive electronic structure defines the specific metallic, semiconductor, or insulator characteristics of metal oxide nanomaterials. Methods of synthesis are categorized based on the processes involved in nanoparticle formation and are broadly classified as either bottom-up or top-down. Most of the commonly investigated top-down and bottom-up methodologies for synthesis of metal oxide nanostructures are comprehensively discussed in the following sections. Nanoparticles fabricated via the bottom-up method are built atom by atom, molecule by molecule, or cluster by cluster. It will be seen that the complex and fine nanostructures fabricated via the bottom-up methods are difficult to achieve by the usual top-down processes.

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