An SNS-based model for finding collaborative partners

Chengjiu Yin, Jane Yin Kim Yau, Gwo Jen Hwang, Hiroaki Ogata

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This paper proposes a model, Recommendation of Appropriate Partners (RAP), used on a Social Networking Service (SNS) for locating appropriate “helpers” for users based on individual users’ Chain of Friends (CoF) relationships. Using the RAP model, individual users can participate in a collaborative online community in remote locations, whereby helpers are willing to help other users solve their tasks/problems, and it is intended that both the users and helpers gain knowledge from these interactive online sessions. An example of the RAP-based system was implemented to invite Program Committee members to an international conference. The system was evaluated and the experimental results show that our model is very effective for discovering collaboration partners and finding users with similar interests in order to create communities for providing future and longer-term helping exchange.

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