Analysis of DNA methylation change induced by Dnmt3b in mouse hepatocytes

Mayumi Takahashi, Yasutomi Kamei, Tatsuya Ehara, Xunmei Yuan, Takayoshi Suganami, Takako Takai-Igarashi, Izuho Hatada, Yoshihiro Ogawa

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DNA methylation is a key epigenetic contributor to gene regulation in mammals. We have recently found that in the mouse liver, the promoter region of glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase 1, a rate-limiting enzyme of de novo lipogenesis, is regulated by DNA methylation, which is mediated by Dnmt3b, an enzyme required for the initiation of de novo methylation. In this study, using primary cultures of mouse hepatocytes with adenoviral overexpression of Dnmt3b, we characterized Dnmt3b-dependent DNA methylation on a genome-wide basis. A genome-wide DNA methylation analysis, called microarray-based integrated analysis of methylation by isoschizomers, identified 108 genes with Dnmt3b dependent DNA methylation. In DNA expression array analysis, expression of some genes with Dnmt3b-dependent DNA methylation was suppressed. Studies with primary mouse hepatocytes overexpressing Dnmt3b or Dnmt3a revealed that many genes with Dnmt3b-dependent methylation are not methylated by Dnmt3a, whereas those methylated by Dnmt3a are mostly methylated by Dnmt3b. Bioinformatic analysis showed that the CANAGCTG and CCGGWNCSC (N denotes A, T, G, or C; W denotes A or T; and S denotes C or G) sequences are enriched in genes methylated by overexpression of Dnmt3b and Dnmt3a, respectively. We also observed a large number of genes with Dnmt3b-dependent DNA methylation in primary cultures of mouse hepatocytes with adenoviral overexpression of Dnmt3, suggesting that Dnmt3b is an important DNA methyltransferase in primary mouse hepatocytes, targets specific genes, and potentially plays a role in vivo.

ジャーナルBiochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
出版物ステータス出版済み - 5 17 2013


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