Analytical Model of a Combined Adsorption Cooling and Mechanical Vapor Compression Refrigeration System

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A combined adsorption and mechanical vapor compression system is a reasonable option to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels for air conditioning by utilizing waste heat. Performance predictions of combined adsorption and mechanical vapor compression systems require detailed dynamic modeling because the transitional characteristics explain the nature of the adsorption system. It is, however, desirable to simplify the model for practical use at engineering stages. Since the mechanical vapor compression system is based on the steady-state thermodynamic cycle, a semi-steady-state modeling of adsorption cycles would be functional for analysis of combined systems. In our study, the analytical solution of transient simulation for adsorption cycles was combined with a steady-state mathematical model of the mechanical vapor compression system. The performance of the combined system was analyzed based on the model developed, taking into account the cycle time of the adsorption cycle. The results show the performance characteristics as well as the energy-saving potential of the combined system.

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