Anastomosis of the Common Hepatic Artery and Round Ligament as Portal Vein Arterialization for Hepatic Artery Occlusion After Deceased Donor Liver Transplantation: A Case Report

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Background: Hepatic artery occlusion (HAO) is a life-threatening complication after liver transplantation. We report a case of portal vein arterialization (PVA) with anastomosis of the recipient common hepatic artery (CHA) and a graft of the round ligament to achieve intrahepatic arterial flow. Case presentation: A 57-year-old man had a medical history of decompensated liver cirrhosis secondary to cholestatic liver disease owing to biliary anastomotic stricture after living donor liver transplantation and end-stage renal failure. He underwent deceased donor liver and renal transplantation with anastomosis of the recipient proper hepatic artery and the graft CHA. He experience symptoms from HAO on postoperative day 23 and underwent emergency surgery to re-anastomose the hepatic artery. Despite several instances of re-anastomoses, intrahepatic arterial flow was not able to be achieved and therefore PVA with anastomosis of the recipient CHA and the graft round ligament was performed. Although liver enzyme levels rapidly declined after surgery and the finding of liver infarction was not observed, a large amount of watery stool was observed owing to portal hypertension, which was an adverse effect of PVA. As enhanced computed tomography on POD 31 showed a pseudoaneurysm of the anastomotic site, occlusion with coils was performed to arrest hemorrhage, and a contrast study after coil occlusion showed intrahepatic arterial blood flow via collateral arteries. Thereafter, the patient needed treatment for ischemic biliary duct stenosis and was discharged home on POD 98. Conclusion: PVA using a round ligament for HAO after liver transplantation might play a role as a bridge treatment until retransplantation or maturation of collaterals.

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