Aspect ratio dependencies of D-3He fueled tokamak reactors

O. Mitarai, H. Matsuura, Y. Tomita

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Ignition capability is studied and compared for two types of D-3He spherical tokamak (ST) and medium aspect ratio tokamak (MT) reactors. The required power fraction to ions for maintaining the hot ion mode, which is indispensable for D-3He fusion, is smaller in a ST reactor than that in a MT reactor due to the lower synchrotron radiation loss. It is found that the nuclear elastic scattering capable of supplying 40% of the fusion energy to ions is enough to maintain the hot ion mode in the D-3He ST reactor with the high wall reflectivity. For achieving the D-3He MT reactor, the power fraction to ions should be additionally increased.

ジャーナルFusion Engineering and Design
出版ステータス出版済み - 11 2006

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