Biochemical and molecular characterization of a rice glutelin allele for the GluA-1 gene

L. Q. Qu, X. L. Wei, H. Satoh, T. Kumamaru, M. Ogawa, F. Takaiwa

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The rice (Oryza sativa L.) mutant of glu4a, lacking the glutelin α-2 subunit while the α-1 subunit increased (α-1H/α-2L), was used in this study. Two-dimensional electrophoresis analysis revealed that the mutant lacked the polypeptide pI6.71/α-2 encoded by glu4 while forming a new polypeptide of pI6.50/α-1. Experiments were conducted to identify the relationships between the mutated polypeptides of the mutant and to illustrate the mutation mechanism of the allele. Peptide mapping and amino-acid sequence analyses revealed that the newly formed glu4a encoded polypeptide pI6.50/α-1 of high homology with the deleted pI6.71/α-2 polypeptide which was encoded by glu4 (GluA-1). The nucleotide sequence revealed that the iso-electric point variation of the pI6.50/α-1 polypeptide was caused by a point mutation with nucleotide replacement at the variable region of the gene. These results suggested the possibility of altering glutelin quality by using single gene mutation.

ジャーナルTheoretical and Applied Genetics
出版ステータス出版済み - 6月 1 2003

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