Capacitive-type sensors for the selective detection of nitrogen oxides

Tatsumi Ishihara, Shinobu Sato, Yusaku Takita

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Since the capacitance of an oxide mixture consiting of two kinds of semiconducting oxides depends on the NO concentration, these mixed-oxide capacitors can be applied for a capacitive type of NOx sensor. Among the examined oxides, NiO mixed with ZnO was the most promising in terms of the sensitivity and response characteristics. A temperature slightly higher than 300°C was desirable as the operating temperature of the NiO-ZnO element, and a linear relationship between capacitance and NOx concentration exists below 30 ppm. Furthermore, the capacitance of NiO-ZnO is highly selective to NOx. As a result, the binary oxide of NiO-ZnO has a great potential as a new type of NOx sensor based on a capacitance change.

ジャーナルSensors and Actuators: B. Chemical
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