Carbon fiber/mesophase pitch self-adhesive prepreg

R. Fujiura, Y. Korai, I. Mochida

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PAN-CF cloth was impregnated with a mesophase pitch prepared with HF/BF3 from naphthalene, and heat treated around 450°C to prepare CF/mesophase pitch prepreg, which is expected to allow adhesion and high density of the laminated prepregs when carbonized after moulding. The mesophase pitch of high fluidity, high carbon value, and high reactivity may be best for the present purpose. The study leads to two conclusions: First, a series of steps, impregnation of naphthalene pitch into cloth, heattreatment into CF/mesophase pitch prepreg, press or moulding of laminated prepregs, and carbonization, was found to give a C-C composite where prepregs adhered tightly. Thus, C-C composite of high density can be prepared through a simple procedure. Second, the mesophase pitch prepared from naphthalene appeared an excellent binder for the composite.

ジャーナルExtended Abstracts and Program - Biennial Conference on Carbon
出版物ステータス出版済み - 1 1 1991
イベント20th Biennial Conference on Carbon - Santa Barbara, CA, USA
継続期間: 6 23 19916 28 1991

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