Catalytic condensation of isoquinoline into pitch in higher yield in the presence of nitro solvents

I. Mochida, K. H. An, Y. Korai

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Yield, structure, and properties of nitrogen containing pitches prepared catalytically from isoquinoline by the use of AlCl3-co-catalyst(nitroethane. nitobenzene) system were studied to increase the yield and nitrogen content of such pitches as a precursor for speciality carbon. Nitroethane(NE) and nitrobenzene(NB) as the co-catalyst increased the yield of the pitch up to 52% compared to 11% without the co-catalyst. The yield, insoluble content, softening point, molecular weight and nitrogen content increased with the amount of co-catalyst. Behaviour of nitrogen atoms and the properties of pitches thus prepared during the carbonization were also investigated. Coke provided from isoquinoline pitches prepared with NB exhibited a higher yield, more complete optical isotropy and retained more nitrogen than that prepared with NE. The coke produced at 600 C from the former pitch exhibited a high basicity of 0.22 mmol g due to a higher nitrogen content (5.2 matom g) than that from the pitch prepared without the co-catalyst. The roles of the nitro compounds are discussed in terms of the oligomeric constitution of the pitch and the relation ol its structure to its carbonization properties.

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